Miller Family History

page twelve

                                      Johnson Family

        The Johnson family came from Smoland Sweden. In Sweden sons and daughters take the name of their fathers given name. Thus Jon (as Jun) Olson was Ola's son and Jon's father, Ola, was identified by the place he lived etc.
  Jon Olson was married twice. He and his first wife lived in Sweden . She died in Sweden some time before Jon and family sailed for America. The older family of Jon Olson on coming to USA took the given name of their father, thus here in America were known as Johnson. Jon's second wife had been previously married as Nelson, hence Jon's step-son became John Nelson.
        Jon met his second wife (page thirteen) on the sail boat on their way to USA. Jon , his wife and family were known as Olson. Jon and family sailed for America in 1853. Jon was born in Sweden July 7, 1809, died in Illinois Jan 21, 1885 and buried at Dekalb, Ill. Here the family established their home after having lived in Saint Charles, Ill., for a time.

1 First wife consort Jon Olson
   (correction) Jon Olson's oldest son O'Magnus Johnson
   1(1) Anne Johnson consort Gustus
   2(1) Mary Johnson buried at sea
   3(1) 1st Louise  2nd Matilda  consort  Andrew Johnson
   4(1) Anna Stina Peterson consort Olaf Magnes Johnson
             (see 3(1) page 2)
2 Second wife Nelson consort Jon Olson
   0(1) John Nelson — Jon Olson step-son

page fourteen

   1(2) Mary Olson consort Crownberg
   2(2) Sophia Olson consort Peter Peterson
   3(2) Esther consort [Lindfors]
   4(2) Elizabeth Olson consort Rockwell
   5(2) Hanna Olson consort Swenson
   6(2) Elmer Olson  single
   [note—also a Lau?? who died very young]
                   (? Luara ?)

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