Miller Family History

A copy of Peter Mowrer jr letter to his two sons, Peter M.D. and William in Boone Co Iowa. Nathan was still at home.

East Vincent, Chester Co Pa, March 16, 1856
I will try to write once more before we start
        Dear Sons—
      We received yours of the 4th instant yesterday and were happy to learn that you enjoyed good health and still entertain a favorable opinion of the country which we contemplate to be our future home. We are all at present tolerable well and busily engaged (both physically, mentally, in making preparations for moving. I am out drumming nearly every day the old store accounts but met with but little success. The best paid long ago and the delinquents care but little about duns. I think I shall have a dozen or so soon. Levi Miller and Mrs. Davis that bought our sofa and some of our new carpets at private sale have all paid some time ago. Dr. Heckel jr. owes some twenty six dollars store bill. We happen to have a good chance to sell our yellow Abraham (K?) new for $65.00 which you know will be to us as good as cash next April. Considering the credit we gave at our sales, it was upwards of ten dollars better than if we had let it go at the sale. We thought of bringing all along if we could not sell to any advantage; but the cost of transportation would probably exceed its value. The one horse market dearborn we have but are trying to sell it. Our other goods that are of value are all disposed of. The cash articles are all well neigh paid in. Mr. Styer the purchaser of our farm talks of paying us $3000.00 the coming April (of this there is no certainty). If that should be the case then we may perhaps bring that sum along although we calculate not much short of $500.00 moving expense of ourselves and goods to settle us down at our destination. The time of our departure from old Penn. if we have our money matters fixed will probably not be much before the 7th of April. There are things at West Chester, Morristown and perhaps at Pottstown that require my attendance. However we try to hurry things as fast as we can. Money matters you know must have time. We still have the use of Nim and Butter. Nim is getting along fine but Butter is nearly dry. The 9th, 10th, and 11th of March were severe cold days here....We are already accustoming ourselves to a pioneer’s life. Our furniture is most all sold and the little we have is sold to go away the beginning of April. Our beds are all on the floor everything else is in the same ratio. The time is drawing on fast when we look anxiously ahead to all you again and try the realities of a western life. As regards any instruction to you. I think I have told you all I have to say in my former letters. We are grateful to the all ruling Providence for health we enjoy and hope and trust he will bring us safely to the place of our destination. I must close.
        Truly your parent
     Peter Vincent Calvin Mowrer

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