Miller Family History

page twenty one

                              Miller Family

Both my grand parents on fathers side were Miller, both were born in York Co. Pa. Here they were married but soon moved to Indiana Co. Pa, they lived in Mechanicsburg and later in Brush Valley. Grandpa John Miller was a cobbler and shoe maker. Fathers, mothers people were—
     Grumling consort Miller.
To this union were born Abram, Sara Ann, and Eva Miller consort Thomas Clark.
        Fathers, fathers people were—
     Saurs consort Miller
To this union were born John, Emanuel, George, Daniel and Michael.
1 Sarah Ann Miller consort John Miller sr
They moved to Boon Co Peoples Twp Ia 186?
           Sara Ann born Oct 31, 1820

page twenty two

 died Aug 4, 1895
           John Miller Aug 17, 1814 — died Dec 2, 1896
           were married
   1(1) Jullian Miller died of scarlet fever
   2(1) Elizabeth  "       "     "       "         "
   3(1) Jacob        "       "     "       "         "
   4(1) Still born boy
   5(1) Ellen Meriah Mowrer consort Albert Miller sr
see (2(2) page 20, 7(1) page 19 and 4(2) page3)
   6(1) Jermima Miller consort John Holbrook
          1(2) Anne Holbrook consort George Brown
          2(2) Della Holbrook consort Ola Smaby
          3(2) Albert Holbrook  child    
          4(2) Irean        "             "
          5(2) Nellie       "             "

page twenty three

          6(2) Twin boys  youths
          7(2) James Holbrook  single
          8(2) Harry        "             "
          9(2) Earnest     "        married
   7(1) Mary Emley Treloar consort George Miller
          1(2) Florence Miller consort Frank King
          2(2) Laura         consort Harrison B. Miller
          3(2) Pearl Miller consort Hulsey
   8(1) Margaret Miller consort John Morgan
          1(2) Minnie Linderman consort Charles Morgan
          2(2) Belle White consort Frank Morgan
          3(2) Clara Wallace consort Albert Morgan

page twenty four

          4(2) Eunice Hiland consort Harry Morgan
          5(2)            Haggie consort John Morgan
          6(2) Myrtle Morgan consort George Heaps
          7(2) Elmer Morgan  single
          8(2) Arthur    "            "
          9(2) Alice McCall consort Raymond Morgan
        10(2) Josie Morgan consort
        11(2) Wilbur Morgan married
        12(2) Edith Morgan consort Cross
   9(1) Mary Ellis consort John Miller jr
          1(2) Carrie Miller  single
          2(2) Lena Miller consort Coy Swift
          3(2) Rosmand Clark consort Edgar Miller
          4(2) Daisy Dee Miller consort Lester Hunter  
                      [note: Dean,
Keith married Lamprecht (em)]
 10(1) Etta Miller consort James MIller
          1(2) Buelah Miller
                  Dale Miller     
   James later married Jennie Sanquist


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