Miller Family History

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                                         Mowrer Family

     Two brothers from Germany came to Pa. USA. One of them took the name Mowrer (meaning Masonry in German), the second brother was Mason. The Mowrer brother had a son named Peter sr, their home was in Charles County Pa, where Peter jr was born.

      Esther Grob born Feb 15, 1764
           died March 19, 1831
      Peter Mowrer sr born Feb 28, 1761
           died May 8, 1831
        Esther and Peter were married
           March 30, 1786
     To this union were born
           Abram  Phoebe  and  Peter jr

     The two in-law families of Peter jr were Root and Posey. The Root family were German and the Posey English.

      Sara Root  consort Posey
        To this union were born nine children,

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Catherine, William, Lewis, Theodore, Sabastin, David, Johathan, Franklin, and Ellen Meriah Posey consort Harris. Jonathan was a '49er, joined a group going west to Calif during the gold rush. His sister Catherine never received word from him after his departure.

1  Catherine Posey consort Peter Mowrer jr
    1(1) Margaret Fagen consort Peter Mowrer M.D.
           1(2) Letta Mowrer consort Archibald Newport
           2(2) Mona Mowrer consort George Andrews
           3(2) Edna Mowrer consort Edward Mullen
           4(2) Kate Mowrer consorts
                   1st George Donahoe
                   2nd Edward Mullen

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           5(2) Genevieve Jones consort William Posey Mowrer M.D.
           6(2) Heziciah Mowrer  death by accident
           7(2) Jenne Mowrer consorts
                  1st Braman  2nd McKernan
    2(1) Malissa Craig consort William Mowrer
           1(2) DeVee Mowrer consort Myron Dorman
           2(2) Mae Mowrer consort Marion Wilcox
    3(1) Sara Mowrer consort Andrew Rhoad
           1(2) Maud Rhoad consort George (T?)ommes
           2(2)         Brown consort Samuel Rhoad
           3(2) Mary Rittgers consort Herschel Phoad
           4(2) Ellen Rhoad

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           5(2) Kate Rhoad
    4(1) Laura Vernon consort Nathan Mowrer
           1(2) Mae Sweney consort Rollie Posey Mowrer
           2(2) Ora Brown consort Alva Mowrer
           3(2) Minnie Schuler 1st consort
                   2nd Grace Steward
                   Nathan Ray Mowrer
           4(2) Lola Mowrer consort Leonard Smith
           5(2) Pearl Dorman consort Vernon Mowrer
           6(2) Viola Mowrer consort Jack Laver
    5(1) Hiram Mowrer died Sep 25, 1858 the second year after the Mowrer family moved to Iowa, was first to be buried in Fairview Cemetary.

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    6(1) Edna Cuttler consort Milton Mowrer M D
    7(1) Ellen Meriah Mowrer consort Albert Miller sr
            Ellen born Sept 26, 1848  died Sept 5, 1922
            Albert Miller sr born Jan 29, 1843  died Nov 17, 1938
              were married June 26, 1879
           1(2) Grace Lulu Miller consort Vernon Everett Donelson
                   Grace born July 18, 1880  died Dec 2, 1953
                     were married Oct 22, 1902
                   1(3) Lorna [Stookey] consort Loren Everett Donelson
                   2(3) Eva Grace Donelson consort Harold Kirbey Wilson
                   3(3) Christine James consort Mervin [Ellsworth] Donelson
page twenty

                   [4(3) Yvonne Shenton consort Roland Miller Donelson]
                   [5](3) Edith Donelson   child
                   [6](3) Alice [Almira] Donelson consort Robert Morton
                   [7](3) Ellen [Boot] consort Kenneth Donelson
           2(2) Edna Esther Viola Johnson consort Albert Arthur Miller
        To this union were born Albert Olaf, Anna Ellen, Elmer William, Viola Arvella, Virgil Arthur, Edna Lura, and Grace Ethel (see 4(2) page 3)
           3(2) Edwin Ernest Miller   child
           4(2) Edith Luellen Miller (single)
                     born Sept 5, 1889
                     died March 22, 1949
[Corrections [6](3), [7](3) by Kenneth Donelson]
[Correction 4(2) by Lura Treloar 8-16-13]

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