Miller Family History

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        Prof L.H. Pammel
                Ames Ia
                                                                               Ogden  Ia              
                                                                                    Sept 17, 1923

Dear Prof Pammel
        Sept 8 1923, we, the Farm B members of Boone Co were guests of ISC. It was on this date you asked me to write you a geographical survey of myself. Now geographical in good use does not mean to take anything away nor add anything. Geography means more the idea of locating and limiting things. So the survey you get here of me will be measured by units common to most of us. Well I never have kept a diary so what you get in this writing will be as reliable as records and my memory serve me. I was born Aug 31, 1883 and given my first bath and kissed by a dear old lady who is now 87 years old she lives in  Boone Ia. Received by 8th grade certificate spring 1898. B.P. Holst of Boone Ia signed it.
        Spring of 1898 entered ISC and continued in school until fall 1902. Received degree BS Agr. June 1904. I attended part of one semester at SUI 1905. My parents moved from Boone Co to Ames Dec 1902 and moved from Ames to Perry spring 1906.
        I went to So. Dak spring 1907 with a friend who moved ot Miner Co So Dak. Later I filed on a homestead in Stanley Co. This land I sold 1915. Sept 10, 1908 I returned to Perry Ia and worked in factories until spring 1910 at which time I hired to Mr Moody and worked for him as a hired hand. Mr Moody lived on the place we now live. Dec 28, 1910 Miss Edna V Johnson and I were married at her home in Marcy Twp. We lived on my
mothers farm in Union Twp until spring 1918. We then moved to Meadow Garden Union Twp where we now live. We own this farm and hope some day to have it free of mortgage, county drain and all encumbrance.
        Mother passed from this life Sept 5, 1922 at the age of about 74 yrs. She moved to Boone Co Union Twp 'Buffalo Grove' on Big Beaver Creek 1856 with her parents.
        Peter and Catheine Mowrer from Vincent Twp Chester Co Pa. To this union were born 5 boys and 2 girls. Mother was a Christian woman and as pure and lovely as one could be. The last thing she did for me was to give me a smile this was two days before her death I saw here, she died suddenly. The scripture reading at her funeral was Ecc. 12-1,8. The name Mowrer was changed from the name Mason. I dont know why. My grandma Catherine was a Posey. This union was Root consort Posey and to them were born 7 boys and 2 girls. One of the boys Jonathan left home 1849 for Calif at the time of the gold rush, and was not heard from by his sister Catherine. My great grandparents Grob consort Mowrer married March 30, 1786. To this union were born 2 boys and one girl. I have a german book bearing her name Esther Grob and year of her marriage. We have in our family 3 boys, and 4 girls. Our babies were three years old Dec 3, 1922.  They are twin a girl and a boy. I have two sisters and a brother who died a the age 1 1/2 yrs. My older sister married Mr. V.E. Donelson. He also attended ISC. They now live on the home farm Peoples Twp.

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        Father is quite active and past 80 yrs. The Miller family of which I claim a part trace to York Co Pa. Both grandpa and grandma Miller were born in York Co Pa and were both Miller by name before marriage.
        Grumling consort Miller
          to this union were born 2 girls and 1 boy
         Saurs consort Miller
          to this union were born 5 boys
        My father came Perry  Ia 1866 and his partents moved from Brush Valley Indiana Co Pa to Boone Co Peoples Twp Ia 1867. Father served in the Grand Army of the Republic 3 1/2 years and enlisted as a volunteer when 18 yrs. Was in Libby prison for 30 days. Fought in the Army of the Potomac 6th corp, 3rd brigade 67 Vol Reft. Pa and companies B and E. The most active service was under Gen Sheridan. At the time of Gen Lee surrender to Gen Grant father was about a mile from Appomattox Court House. Father suggested I volunteer for World War I but I could not see it thus. So I was classified in selective draft Calss IV A Order No 65 Serial No 1098 date Oct 1918.
        When I entered ISC I was dressed in a wine colored suit bought in Boone and chosen by my neighbor and friend Mr W. C. Donelson who was attending ISC at the time. My second suit and my second year at ISC, was fathers choice was an exellent suit for winter but was to last me for the semester and it did. My next suit was mothers choice and this time I was fitted out with light weight navy blue and as I remember more comfortable.

page forty three

The lesson—know what you want and buy what you know you want.
        How do we come into each others lives? Well, it seems to me some figure themselves into my life some laugh themselves and some just tumble in and out and others I fear. If personality is music of the soul—then I prefer similar melodies of those of my own. When I entered ISC, Dr Beardshear took a steady look at me, this happened when I was in his office for the first time and Beardshear learned I would not be 16 yrs until the next fall. He was about to have me go home but said "you may try" and try I did. Dr. Beardshear had a very steady gaze. His eyes were inviting not to be feared but rather inviting and interested. I did not have the privilge of being in any of Prof Stantons classes and remember him as president of ISC. I studied math. under Mr Hibbard, Miss Welch and Miss Roberts. Miss Welch taught algebra and of course I was slow. Miss Welch, later Mrs Stanton, would talk quite seriously to me at times and call me Mr Miller. I would have been more comfortable had she called me "Bertie" a name I went by as a lad. Miss Roberts taught trig'. I stayed from her class once too often so I was called to account. Of course Miss Roberts thought I wasn't getting enough trig'. I thought so too and as a result I took my trig' book with me to the banks of Squaw Creek and beneath an elm tree ( ?weept?  ) a few lines over trig'.
        What Dr. Storms was, he expected of others and gave to others in goodness.

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While in Des Moines I would go up on Pleasant St to the ME Church Sun. mornings to hear him preach.
        I think (A/O?) H. Cessna is one of the most ammible of personalities. Prof Summers had a very strong personality so earnest and persuasive was he in what he said that one would accept all he said, then afterward wonder if he was talking fact or theory. Prof. C.F. Curtis taught only one class in which I was inrolled. I learned to know him in other ways. It seems his personality is demanding respect from others. This is no mean character for I occasion to try it out myself. If there was any Prof I feared it was Prof Newens. I don't know why. I once attended his lecture here in Perry "A message from Mars". My wife learning he was one of my Profs at ISC she thought I should go and shake hands with him after the lecture so I did. When I came to him I reached forth my hand to him. He looked at me a moment took my hand and asked my name with a rush of words he said "I know all about you". I felt like a "prep" after drill running to avoid being "stretched". I always liked Prof Knapp for he always came into life with a spirit of friendliness. I always thought when I went to his office to get my "marks" he knew all my poor ones. Well dear Prof Pammel I was converted when 13 yrs was greatly disturbed while learning the theories of evolution. I hold to the faith of the M. E. Church but have my name on the roll of the Peoples Baptist Church Boone Co as associate

page forty five

member. I shall always think kindly of you in every way dear Professor. I thank you for the invitation and also myself, for accepting the same, to attend the Episcopal Church at Ames while a student at ISC. This one small act gave our personalities a mutual Christian setting.
                                            Yours confidentially
                                               Albert Arthur Miller

        I have just received the survey you made of your family history and the college men you came in contact with as well as the outline of biology. I am certainly grateful to you for this fine survey and the fine thought you put into it. I am also grateful to you for the fine estimate you made of men you came in contact with at Ames and certainly appreciate what you have siad about me. The older I get the more appreciative do I become of these things because of the wonderful fine lot of friends among my old students.
        We all try to do our duty I am sure. We all want to do some service to our fellow beings. Again allow me to thank you. I am glad to have seen you as this story you gave me is worth while for the college history.
                                             Yours truly
                                             L.H. Pammel

page forty six

PS to Pammel letter
        We will now shift our "transit face" to another view point. My wife's fathers parents came from Sweden in a sail boat in 1855. Some of the family still live near DeKalb Ill. where Mr Johnson began farming after coming to America. My wifes father was a Civil War Veteran and belonged to Co K 132 Vol Ill. He came to Boone Co Ia from DeKalb Co Ill. 1878. He and his family moved to Des Moines Ia. where he met his death through accident. This sad bereavement left Mrs Johnson to care for her three small children my wife being the youngest then about 2 yrs. Mrs Johnson then returned to their farm in Marcy Twp. She and the three children succeeded in time to pay off the mortgage on her farm.
        While a girl Mrs Miller would have liked a college education but had to care for her mother who was of poor health. If one realy wants an education there seems a way  to get it even though one cannot attend higher institutions.
        My wifes mothers parents came from Sweden 1870 to Boone Co Marcy Twp Ia. Mr Peterson was a farmer before he came to America. He was a large man of stature and a man of firm principal. I think his "hobby" was tileing for he tiled the smaller ponds into the large one. The large pond is now drained by a county drain.
        We always want to have a place for ISC folks. One evening some years ago a stranger and agent asked permission to stay with us over night.

page forty seven

I told him no—he said "I am from ISC" I told him to come in and feel at home.
        Mrs Miller and I were somewhat flustrated about a month ago, when we were informed by our church pastor that Prof Holbrook of ISC would be our guest over night.  I said—well see here I never have met an ISC man yet that wouldnt have faith in me if I but show a little faith in myself.
        ISC is growing in favor among the farmers of Boone Co through the Extension Dept and the good work being done by the Ext. Sta. I am not acquainted with many of the Professors at Ames now.

page forty eight

A letter to H A Wallace

                                                                                           Ogden Ia
                                                                                               Nov 2, 1924
Dear Henry A Wallace—
        I have been thinking of writing you a few words of sympathy at this time when you sorrow by the death of your beloved parent and Father.
        I want to tell you of the passing of mother two years ago Sep 5, 1922. At that time the great rail way strikes were on. Mother passed from this life quite suddenly. Trusting in God expecting soon to depart this life she chose the passage of scripture Eccl 12: 1,8.
        How well I remember that Sept night as I sat on our poarch. The sky was clear the moon arose high then began to descend into the western sky. All night long the breezes kept swaying the long leafy twigs of the cut leaf birches in front of the poarch also played with the aspen leaves to the west. About a mile away over at the tri-county fair grounds I heard a band play music for visitors and dancers. The big strike was on and merriment and pleasure "the word" not work. This continued late until about 1 o clock AM. Then stillness come into its own. The night seemed long. My mind did not rest. It was as if a current flowing had quickly passed into a deep wide channel and progress was slow. I began to think how all came about and what it all meant this to was slow. Dawn would soon be with us and funeral arrangements would be made.
page forty nine

No flowers could be brought into town because train were not running. That year Nature gave an abundance of beautiful asters flowers in our neighbors gardens. Friends were kind to bring so many boquets wreath and sprays of beautiful asters.
        Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord ——; yea, saith the Spirit that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them.
                                          Sincerely  A A Miller

        I do not know how to thank you for your letter of sympathy.
        It flowed so directly from the heart.

page fifty
Ere day its glory yet begun,
Nor dew-drops sparkle in the sun,
While yet tis day while yet tis night
The morning star sheds forth its light
In fading and diffusing bean.
Heavenly hues are blending fast,
Life itself is wrapped in dream,
Celelstial muse eternity —
A small low voice speaks tenderly
Kiss thou the earth beneath thy feet
And then these words repeat, repeat
This truth of Mine thou dost discern
For dust thou art and to dust return
Prov. 20,1.  Wine is a mocker, strong drink is a brawler and whosoever is lead astray by it is not wise.

page fifty one

What makes the roses red?
What makes the violets blue?
Their leaves so green and shape so true?
Tis God who knows and proves the art of arts,
Through natures constant mood of acting parts,
Superior to any the human mind can know
   As is the truth of things
   That happened in the long ago.
Intense is the rose with reddest hue,
Less perfect the violet than vacant blue;
Yet, simp;e to all who know the boon
Through Christ who arose above the tomb,
That blessings be ours instead of shame
All nature His shrine we praise His name.
Luke 11, 1.
        ---Lord teach us to pray,---
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